Remembrance Rumble 3

Born Fearless Boxing are staging their Third Remembrance Rumble at the Hilton Metropole in Brighton on 09 November 2018.  

Two teams of war-hardened warriors will fight each other in the ring for military charities. It will be a tear up for national pride that will make ‘Hell Week’ look like a kids birthday party. The build up to the fight, the charity causes and of course the Live Event.

Seven fights are currently scheduled 
  ·        4 X SAS vs US SF 
  ·        Para vs Para 
  ·        Royal Marine vs RAF 
  ·        Wheelchair Boxing

Currently the British Armed Forces are enjoying unprecedented levels of attention from both the media and members of the public, this is especially true for Special Forces right now the public seem fascinated by what makes them tick and how they operate. Best selling author ‘Big Phil Campion’ (Sky News The Pledge & Sky Atlantic's Big Phil's War) has put together a team of ex-Forces to fight both the Americans and themselves.   

Why are they at war? 
Everyone needs a cause to fight for and the following are the charities that this event will be supporting. 
Save our soldier - 
Holidays for heroes - 
Help our wounded -
More about the event:
For any information or questions please view our FAQ's and support page

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